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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  January 26, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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streets. police say two uniformed officers responded to a report of a hit and run car accident. this is video of one of the cars that was damaged. when officers arrived, they encountered a man with a gun and police say he shot one of them in the leg, then tried to run away, but he was arrested nearby. oakland's police chief says violence against his officers must stop. >> this will not be tolerated. you cannot shoot at police officers when they are trying to carry out their work in the line of duty. we're going to do everything in our powers to put an end to this. >> the injured officer is a 13- year veteran of the force. he now has a leg injury, but it's not life threatening. last monday, an undercover detective sitting in his car was shot in the arm. officers arrested two suspected gang members in that incident. checking other bay area headlines, an alameda county sheriffs deputy shot and wound add man who charged at officers with a 10-inch knife. that happened yesterday morning on frederickson lane in dublin. the suspect's dad had called 911, saying his son was acting
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strangely. no one was injured. the deputy is an eight-year veteran. he was placed on administrative leave. a five-alarm fire destroyed a popular comedy club in fairfield. check out those flames. that roof collapsed as the fire tore through the original pepper belly comedy club last night. 25 engines from around solano county responded to the fire. crews say it may have started inside the building. they are still trying to determine what exactly started it. san mateo county is holding a gun buyback today at the fairgrounds on delaware street. the county will offer $100 for handguns, shotguns and rifles. turning in an assault rifle would earn you up to $200. in recent months, san francisco, oakland and some other bay area cities have held gun buyback programs, with overwhelming response. the san francisco giants fan who suffered brain damage after a beating attack is back in the hospital. bryan stow's family says he is now getting treatment for a
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large blood clot. his family says his doctors are amazed he survived that clot, given its size. stow was beaten and severely injured after a game outside of dodgers stadium nearly two years ago. today, the airline that has the largest fleet of boeing dream liners canceled 700 more flights. and that has shut down a nonstop route connecting the south bay to japan. 787 dreamliners have been grounded around the world since potential safety problems cropped up earlier this month. and today, al nippon airways canceled 380 flights through mid-february, including flights from san jose to tokyo. san francisco restaurants are not following the city's healthcare law, and the list is long. they are charging customers extra, but not giving all that extra money to the employees who it's supposed to go to. >> reporter: when you dine out in san francisco, you pay a little extra to help fund the
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workers healthcare, but the city attorney says dozens of restaurants aren't using all that money for their employees. some people find it hard to swallow. >> i think it's terrible. as it is, the waiters and staff are living off tips and don't normally get full benefits. >> they can stop charging 4.5% on my bill if it's not going to the right place. >> reporter: san francisco city attorney is telling 50 restaurants to clean up their act in three months. >> by doing so, they can avoid litigation by my office for consumer fraud. >> reporter: we don't know which of the city's thousands of restaurants are under investigation, but we've obtained a list of 100 who reported they have taken far more money than they have paid out in employee health costs. in 2011, chef michael minas' group collected more than half million dollars in healthcare surcharges, but actually spent about $200,000 for employee healthcare, for a profit of $327,000. the parent company of celebrity chef tyler florence's wayfarer tavern collected more than
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$300,000 in surcharges, but only spent $68,000, for a profit of $235,000. both the cheesecake factory and the parent company of max's cafe each ended up with more than $150,000 extra. some restaurants explained the disparity. the president of the mina group says it has more than enough money set aside for employee healthcare because unused funds roll over from previous years. >> all the monies that are collected remain in a cash reserve fund for employees to draw upon. >> reporter: it's amassed so much in healthcare money, one restaurant stopped charging in december 2011. the cheesecake factory says it funds more for healthcare than the industry standard. sharon chen, cbs 5. >> there is a loophole in san francisco's universal health care law, allowing employers to keep money collected if not used in two years. city leaders are trying to
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close the loophole. a top executive at square has stepped down because of an affair with an employee and sexual harassment claim. the executive is admitting he used poor judgment when he became intimately involved with a male friend, then recommended the company hire them. this brings unwanted publicity to a company that has been flourishing. last year, square secured million dollar financing and signed up with a partnership for starbucks. a new york attorney is reportedly representing the employee who is claiming sexual harassment. but so far, no lawsuit has been filed. now, the executive wrote on his tum blear blog, quote, while i certainly have made mistakes, this threat feels like a shakedown and i will defend myself to the fullest extent of the law. he also wrote he is working on something new and may announce that next month. the san francisco district attorney says he will not file sexual assault charges against
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49er wide receiver michael crabtree. a woman accused crabtree of assaulting her at the w hotel in san francisco the night after the niners defeated the packers. the da says his office has examined whatever evidence there was and will not file charges. the 49ers general manager tells the chronicle the team is happy to put the matter behind them. patience paid off for lucky season ticket holders who won the chance to buyback a pair of super bowl tickets. yesterday, fans swarmed the box office at candlestick for one last time. fans had to put up 600 to $1200 per ticket and one fan told us it was well worth it. >> i am jacked up. i've been trying to figure out all week whether i want to sell them or keep them. all my friends are telling me i gotta go. it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. screw it. i don't care about the money. i'm a niner fan. i'm going! >> what did you pay for the tickets? >> $950 each. >> that's a lot of money. super bowl tickets are going
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for several times their face value on sites like stub hub. with so much money at stake, the nfl is telling buyers to be aware of counterfeits. check the security features on the back, like the hologram on the top, and the heat-sensitive star on the bottom that disappears when you rub it. . some sort of fruit smoothie and protein powder in here. >> everything a good player needs. the superrecovery drinks fueling the 49ers' run to new orleans. >> and diving into the bay area housing market. what you need to know about buying your first home. a real estate expert joins us live in studio, next. >> and coming up, i hope it's a good day for an open house for the realtors, as we get more sunshine in the bay area today. a little chance for showers tonight. right now, we're starting out with numbers mostly in the 40s and 50s. we'll have the full forecast and a look at the week ahead, after a break.
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egypt... sparked by the sentencing of people for an earlier riot at a soccer game. . today, 16 people died in a riot in egypt, sparked by the sentencing of people who were in an earlier riot at a soccer game. the judge in cairo sentenced 21 people to deaths for their roles in last year's incident, which killed 74 people and injured more than 1000. after the sentencing, relatives of defendants shot two police officers to death outside of a prison. police then fired into the crowd, killing 14. a federal panel is now recommending new restrictions on a widely used painkiller. right now, patients taking hydrocodone can have their prescriptions called in to a pharmacy with five refills. now an fda advisory panel is recommending a limit of 90 days and an end to prescriptions by nurses and doctors assistants. backers of the move say the drug is overused, but critics
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say addicted patients will then try to get the drug illegally. every nfl team has its gatorade, but 49ers have a little something extra. dr. kim mulvihill on the team's secret weapon. >> reporter: after practice, the niners hit the locker room and what's waiting for them? >> how is it? >> it's pretty cool. >> reporter: icy cold drinks. >> it's a recovery drink, so they tell me. so i just drink it. >> it's some sort of fruit smoothie and there's some sort of protein powder in here. >> definitely athletes need more protein. >> they are coming off the field, go to the chocolate milk. >> reporter: sports nutritionist suzanne nelson says adding protein after a workout is pretty smart. researchers show you have a 30- minute window post workout to speed recovery. >> just a small amount of protein right after exercise, boom, turns on the genetic software, so to speak, of the muscle. >> reporter: also important,
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water. >> you know, the muscle is 65% water and people think it's all protein, but it's actually 65% water. you need to make sure that they are well hydrated before, during and after practice. >> reporter: back in the locker room, you have a choice. >> thank you. >> cheers! >> reporter: our fruit shake, or a chocolate one. >> that one has protein in it as well, just a little more calories. >> reporter: while we didn't know what else was in the drink- - >> they are pretty good! [ laughter ] >> reporter: -- it tastes good. >> what channel is it going to be on? >> channel 5. >> channel 5, whoop-whoop! >> love the enthusiasm. we've got enthusiasm for them, too. all aboard the 49er express train. next stop, the super bowl! some fans are gearing up for the big game in creative ways, like this one. or they are taking it old school with this one, a more classic wooden look. thank you for all of your 49er fan photos you've been sending in over the last week. and show us more of your red
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and gold spirit. if you have a picture to share on air, send it to us at, or upload them directly to our website, a little cloudy, a little foggy outside this morning. should be clearing up throughout the day. but brian says there's a even a chance at sprinkles. >> you did the whole thing right there. very good. >> you've got a few more days to go. i just covered the next few hours. >> okay. i'll do the extended. we've got numbers this morning starting out in the 40s and low 50s. lot of clouds around the bay area, but that's not a problem on this start morning. widespread fog. san francisco airport, 52 degrees. in san jose, 52. santa rosa at 46. oakland at 51 as we start the weekend out with dense fog inland. cool, cloudy, a little wet maybe tonight and early tomorrow morning. it wouldn't amount to much, but a dry week ahead after this little shot of a chance of showers. that trough yesterday moved on
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through and temperatures really were on the mild side. they were all night last night. but a little bit of cool air on the way from this low pressure that's up off the pacific northwest. as this cool air pushes south into the bay area, the numbers will be coming down a bit today. we'll manage highs only in the mid-50s for the most part. you remember last weekend we had some spots that were over 70 degrees. not today. just a chance of a few light showers tonight in the north bay. today, we'll get sunshine coming out. just it won't be as warm in the air as we had over the past couple of days. let's look for ahead. becoming sunny, clouds moving out from the northwest. kind of a dry flow. you see the models are showing not a drop of rain falling in the bay area, but we don't always believe the models. we'll at least keep a chance in there tonight in the north bay. on the airport on monday, mostly sunny for sfo. for los angeles, 63. new york gets snow and 36 degrees. forecast for the bay area, we'll be looking at numbers in the 50s.
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and the extended forecast, let's go with sunshine coming out on monday. dry week ahead after a little chance of showers tonight. that's the weather. let's see what's happening in the real estate market. here's anne. sales of new homes dipped in december, but overall, 2012 was the best year for new home sales since 2009. steady improvement in the job market and low mortgage rates continue to help the housing market recover. so some people think this may bet best time to jump into the housing market. for more, real estate expert herman chan from luck's sf homes joining us live this morning. thank you for joining us. >> how do you do? >> so is this a good time to buy your first home? >> absolutely. right now, interest rates are so low, it's phenomenal. people have been saving all this money since the crash, people are sitting on these huge down payments. now is the time to strike. however, it's difficult now because everyone is thinking the same thing. >> right, now we have competition. >> that's right. it's very difficult to get into a home now because the inventory is so tight and it's
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like piranhas out there. it's a jungle, but all hope isn't lost. >> looking around the bay area, what are the best places to kind of focus on right now, if you're thinking about buying a starter home? >> all comes down to what you can qualify for. everyone would love to live in the city, but the average sales price is 700-some dollars. it really comes down to your needs. your school district, commute. not that easy of a question to answer. be true to you. true to you. >> understandable. common mistakes first time homeowners might engage in? >> that's a good question. most common one i see is i always tell people know what's in your wallet before you walk into the store. >> well, because that is the problem. i mean, that's what caused us so much grief years ago. people signed up for mortgages they couldn't deal with. >> right, exactly. i mean, some people would spend months shopping for a place, going to open houses, then when they get to the contract, all of a sudden they realize i
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can't afford this. then they are in contract and they lose a deposit. make sure you confer with your loan agent and your real estate agent before you start wasting all that time and falling in love with a property and then getting your heartbroken. >> right, yes. good call on that. what kind of assistance is available for people right now when it comes to getting loans? >> well, there's all sorts of loans out there. but if you're a first time buyer, there's all sorts of programs, like bmr units, below market rate homes, for example. in the city, new construction buildings, they need to allocate x amount of units for people who make a certain amount of income. so that's one way to get into the market. another way is downpayment assistance programs out there, like hayward, oakland, emeryville all have revolving loans they will give to certain buyers who qualify. that will definitely help your down payment, which reduces your monthly payments. >> that's a good thing. what about the new trend, rent- to-own? >> it's coming back now. not my favorite topic. i don't think it's in the best interest of the buyers, but for
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some people who are desperate to get into a certain neighborhood by a certain timeframe, that's the only way you can go. it's a last resort. people who go to rent-to-own typically don't have the best credit, don't have the best down payment, and it is their only way they can access a certain house or neighborhood. it's something that i -- i mean, i'm a little iffy on it. >> not so good for the buyers, but what about for the sellers? >> for the sellers, it's great. you get someone in there, maybe they already bought another place and don't want to have it sit there vacant. that person will pay higher than market rent to the landlord because they are paying for a premium for that option to exercise the buy after like two or three years. it's great for the landlords. >> okay. so the trends have been looking up over the last year when it comes to home sales. >> yeah. >> what do you perceive happening over the next couple of years? are we headed for another bubble? >> i don't have a crystal ball. all i know is the market is bananas right now, just bananas. only time will tell. >> herman chan with luck's sf
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homes, appreciate it. we'll be right back.
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today's edition of tony's table. tony's daughter stephanie shows us this savory dish inspired by her trip to greece. . 7:23. sausage and peppers on tap for this edition of tony's table. the savory dish inspired by tony's daughter's trips to
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greece. >> today we're going to make a wonderful dish that's so mediterranean. steffi, had you this in greece? >> i did. one of my best friends is greek. this summer, i went to greece for her for a few weeks. this is something you can get on the street. >> it's simple, sausage and pepper, with a twist, feta, or regular oregano, simple. these peppers are great. >> they are all over the mediterranean. >> and we've got the red peppers, the white onions, and what else? >> we use turkey sausage. >> okay. >> hot peppers and extra virgin olive oil. >> and that's it. sausage in first, browned it, put everything else in there. we don't want to cook it for too long. >> no, just until everything is soft and you can eat it in a sandwich. >> perfect. i want to finish this off, put a little bit of parsley on top, red pepper. i love red pepper. >> use a lot of it. >> perfect. a little bit of regular pepper on top. nice. now, there is the pita, served
7:23 am
on the pita. >> sounds and smells like the streets of greece. >> beautiful. look at this! we'll get a nice scoop full on there. then i'm going to finish this off. look how beautiful this looks! finish it off with a little bit of feta. >> to make it extra greek. >> perfect. and oregano? >> yep. >> and top it off with a little bit of olive oil. >> that was great. >> you get half. that's enough to make two, right? >> yeah. >> bye-bye, everybody. let's eat! let's get at this one here. beautiful. here's a sweet story for you. three tennessee high school students crowned a fellow classmate with a very big honor. last week, students from unionville community high school gave up their homecoming king nominations and presented the honor to scottie malone. he's a junior who suffers from a neurological disorder called williams syndrome. he proudly wore the king's medal to school this week. >> kind of emotional from
7:24 am
everybody. i think i saw scottie shed a few tears. we were all emotional out there on the court. >> means an awful lot to you, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> next year, scottie is going to present the crown to the new homecoming king. dreamliner troubles in the south bay. a major setback for that nonstop route connecting san jose to japan. >> and run, dog run. tips to keep man's best friend active, healthy and safe. >> here's another cool 49er fan photo for you in the meantime. according to this dog's owner, wake me up when the game starts. we want to show off your niners pride. your fan photos to or upload them directly to our website, we'll be right back.
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led to a shoot-out in oakland. . another officer shot in the east bay. the crash that led to a shootout in oakland. >> and time for a cool change in the bay area. we're starting out with overcast skies, a little bit of sun, but changes are coming in tonight. we'll discuss that in a few minutes. >> from what i know about the incident, i would not fly on a dreamliner tomorrow. >> a major setback to the fleet of boeing dreamliners. the safety problems keeping those planes grounded. welcome back. it is just about 7:30, january 26th. thank you for joining us.
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i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm brian hackney. we've got temperatures this morning starting out a little cooler than they were yesterday, with readings mostly in the 40s and 50s. out the door this morning, widespread fog around the bay area. we'll have the forecast a few minutes from now. >> thanks, brian. an oakland police officer, meantime, recovering this morning after being shot last night. this was the second shooting of an officer there in less than a week. it happened at about 5:30 p.m. near the intersection of 49th avenue and east 12th street. police say two uniformed officers were responding to a report of a hit and run car accident. this is video of one of the cars that was damaged. when officers got there, they found a man with a gun. police say he shot one of them, then ran away. but he was arrested soon after. the injured officer has a leg injury, but it's not life threatening. last monday, an undercover detective sitting in his car was shot in the arm. right now, fire crews are trying to figure out what started huge fire at a popular fairfield nightclub. the roof collapsed as flames tore through the original
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pepper belly comedy club last night. 25 engines from around solano county responded to that fire. fire crews say it may have started inside the building, but they are still trying to determine exactly how it started. no injuries were reported. today, the airline with the largest fleet of boeing dreamliners canceled several hundred more flights. that has shut down the nonstop route connecting the south bay to japan. 787 dreamliners have been grounded around the world since safety concerns cropped up earlier this month. today, el nippon airways canceled over 300 floats between sos and tokyo through february. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused two batteries to catch fire. >> reporter: more than any other plane, the dreamliner relies on lithium ion batteries to help power its advanced systems. they are lighter and more powerful than older battery types. but they contain a highly
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flammable liquid electrolyte. federal investigators are examining the disassembled battery from the 787 that caught fire in boston january 7th, spewing bolts and electrolytes. george blondegren says lithium ion batteries are bundled together for the 787, increasing the risk. >> these fires burn at a very high temperature, so they are just very dangerous. >> reporter: the boston fire and the burned-out battery on a dreamliner in japan are not the first time lithium ion batteries have caused problems. in 2011, a chevy volt lithium battery was damaged in this crash test. three weeks later, it burst into flames. chevrolet installed a number of fixes to prevent fires. safety features were also added to lithium ion batteries in some cell phones and laptops, after 56 million were recalled for risk of overheating and exploding. boeing says lithium ion batteries best met the
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performance and design objectives of the 787, and based on everything we know at this point, we have not changed our evaluations. experts we spoke to believe in the promise of lithium ion batteries including for airliners, just unsure of its safety being perfected. drivers will no longer catch a break when it comes to parking at meet others sundays. starting tomorrow, prepare to pay up the three-week amnesty period is over. san francisco will begin enforcing the new law and handout tickets to those parked at expired meters. on sunday, meters around the city are active from noon until 6:00 p.m. tickets can cost you as much as $72. six flags discovery kingdom is holding an annual jobs fair today. more than 600 people are expected to be hired this weekend. this year, interested applicants had to apply online in order to be invited to the job fair. that's something that has not been done in years past.
7:32 am
seasonal positions at the park include guest relations, foodservices, and ride operations. the bitter rivals from the 2008 presidential campaign, now all smiles. president obama and his outgoing secretary of state are taking part in a joint better view on "60 minutes." >> it has been a great collaboration over the last four years. i'm going to miss her. wish she was sticking around, but she has logged in so many miles, i can't begrudge her wanting to take it easy for a little bit. >> in politics and in democracy, sometimes you win elections. sometimes you lose elections. and i worked very hard, but i lost. and then president obama asked me to be secretary of state and i said yes. and why did he ask me? why did i say yes? because we both love our country. >> you can watch the full interview on "60 minutes" tomorrow night on cbs 5. niners fans will have a brand-new nfl shop in new orleans next weekend. yesterday, city officials cut
7:33 am
the ribbons for the new convention center in new orleans, housing the 60,000- square foot nfl house. it will also contain the nfl experience for fans. the big easy is gearing up now to kickoff the first major parade of the carnival season. 11 parades are rolling a week early to make way for the super bowl next sunday. that schedule change has created big headaches and logistical nightmares for parade organizers and businesses in the area. but crews say it's all worth it. the 49er quarterback keeping his eye on the prize in the big easy. next, inside on san francisco's key player from colin kaepernick's parents. >> cute in her little outfit right now, but i don't think it would be appropriate workout wear. >> tips to keep your pets healthy and active. >> fashion faux pas.
7:34 am
that was a dog joke. we're starting out with mostly cloudy skies around the area, a little bit of fog, too. but sun's on the way and cool weekends on tap. here's what you can expect out the door on your early saturday morning. details after a break. . >> and more niner fan photos to share with you. this is miss gabby, definitely loves the niners. actually, probably doesn't because she's upset about the fact she's wearing that sweatshirt, but she looks awfully cute. everybody hoping for a big win to make things like that worthwhile. if you have fan photos to send to us, we'll maybe share them on air, send them to us at or upload them directly to our website, we'll be right back.
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a community mainstay in danville. and as cbs 5 reporter kate kelly reports, . a simple thrift store has become a community many stay in danville. as kate kelly reports, the mission behind the market has
7:38 am
earned the founder this week's jefferson award. >> oh, i remember. >> reporter: when marge early looks around at this all- volunteer operation. >> i understand you have quite a toy department. >> reporter: toys are just the tip of it. an army of volunteers sort through thousand of donations, filling shelves with clothing, household items, and attracting a steady stream of shoppers. >> this is amazing. >> reporter: marge started it with a $300 loan from her mother and a small group of volunteer moms in danville. they call themselves the friends of discovery. >> no one has had any experience at all in the mercantile business. hardly anybody had even had a job. >> reporter: today, the thrift station is one of the top 25 businesses in the san ramon valley, and all of its profits support community mental health. >> we have been coming for 30
7:39 am
years. i'm a mental health advocate, so i have to thank you so much. >> reporter: look at the reaction when shoppers learned marge was the woman who started it all. this year marks 40 years since marge and the friends of discovery started the thrift station. by the end of this year, they will have donated over $7 million to the discovery counseling center of the san ramon valley. >> the friends of discovery and marge have meant that we have been able to keep our doors open. there is no way that we could offer the services that we offer at the fees that we charge and still stay in business. >> reporter: kathy shiverton is the executive director at the discovery counseling center. >> remarkable. >> reporter: in the early days, they were trying to raise money for a drop-in center for troubled teens. >> they just wanted to give them someplace to go, where the, they could possibly straighten themselves out. >> reporter: today, the center has interns, graduate students working toward their professional licenses, in every school in the san ramon valley
7:40 am
school district. all are supervised and trained by a staff of licensed professionals, and at the drop- in clinic, they see clients from the community six days a week. >> what they have been able to do with that, with what was just an idea, you know, couple of women saying we'll sell our extra clothes, it's absolutely remarkable. >> reporter: marge says she just did what she could. >> you see a need and you filled it. >> reporter: so for creating a business that supports mental health services in her community, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to marge early. kate kelly, cbs 5. >> now the thrift store accepts quality donations for sale in support of the discovery center. to contribute, you can connect with them online by using the link at click the connect button at the top of the page, then jefferson awards to find our story on marge. . ♪ happy birthday to you! ♪
7:41 am
there's our girl, a san francisco icon celebrating her 86th birthday in the city last night. marian brown stepped into the sir francis drake hotel to a cheering crowd of friends and admirers. she and her twin sister vivian attracted a lot of attention with their style and character from tourists and locals alike. and vivian passed away just over two weeks ago. so it was going to be her first birthday spent on her own. the city showed up to make that a special day. very, very cool. >> did you ever meet them? >> i did. they are so sweet, so fun. it was very sad to hear that they are separated now. but she's getting support. >> great that the community pulled together for her birthday. happy birthday to you. and to you, a cloudy start to your saturday morning. fog and low clouds to begin the day. visibilities are down to a quarter of a mile around livermore and santa rosa. but the numbers aren't too bad.
7:42 am
48 at concord. oakland, 51. livermore at 46. and at the airport in san francisco, 52 degrees. santa rosa's got 46. and here's what it's looking like today. dense fog inland, cool, cloudy, wet today, but a dry week ahead. as we get back to work, in time for work, the sun comes out. we'll get sun today, too, as a weak low pressure trough will send the potential for a few showers around the bay area. moisture heads south. as it does, two things happen. we pick up a chance of rain and temperatures stay distinctly cooler today. but nevertheless, we will get a little bit of sun after the fog and the low clouds dispense a little later this morning. headed out of the bay area, 31 at yosemite. redding, a few showers this morning. by the time the system works its way down here, there won't be much left. sprinkles in the north bay late in the day, just about it. forecast highs for the bay
7:43 am
area, 57 at santa rosa, 54 in san rafael, 56 at fairfield, 56 at livermore. mid-50s for much of the bay area. in the extended forecast, a little cloudy tomorrow as well and a few lingering clouds on monday. but then as we head toward the latter half of the week, things turn a little bit warmer. we'll have plenty of sun. things will be dry. and the numbers will warm all the way up to near 60 degrees again by friday. so after a little bit of a messy weekend, we will get sun later in the day today. and as i say, maybe a sprinkle tonight. then everything looks like we'll slowly dry and warm up a bit. >> sounds good. thanks, brian. colin kaepernick's parents sharing insight on the 49ers quarterback's quirks. they say he's a passionate player who loves to play and loves to win. he also apparently doesn't worry about any pregame jitters. >> colin looks at it as a job. it's been what he's been doing. i've heard him say, i've been doing this for 17 years, why would i be nervous?
7:44 am
>> he says kaepernick was a supercompetitive kid who excelled at baseball and lelet them choose. good choice. here are highlights with vern glenn, about to travel on the next southeast flight for next weekend's super bowl. good morning, everybody. i got a plane to catch for new orleans! but before i go, got a minute? i do. warriors on the road against chicago, robinson, 22 off the bench for the bulls and away they went. david lee trying to keep it close. he had 23 points. warriors down 13 at the half. and, oh, man, this would be a kirk heinrich kind of night. 6 three-pointers, 8 of 11. they beat the warriors 103-87. how about tiger woods? he's at the farmers insurance,
7:45 am
torrey pines, where he owns the course. won there seven times. look at woods staring it down at the 7 hole. nice shot. 7-under 65 for woods. he's currently leading by two shots heading into round 3 later on today. meantime, back home, golden gate field, that's russell base. the jockey rode his 50,000th race yesterday. he's only 50 wins shy of the all-time lead in that category. he came in third yesterday, riding finish rich in nyc, if you're scoring at home. that will do it at this hour. i'll see ya from new orleans next time i see you! >> you can catch vern, as well as sports director dennis o'donnell and michelle griego, our morning anchor during the week, all headed to new orleans.
7:46 am
we are going to see some of their reports starting tomorrow night. check out this cutie who is appropriately named. he's visiting us in studio. we'll get up close and personal with your new best friend, coming up next.
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this is from rosen, he's showing off some awesome team fashion with his gir . another 49er fan photo from rose. showing off team fashion with his girlfriend tess. been a niners fan since the seventies. and this fan photo from san ramon, celebrating nfc championship game, doing some kaepernicking of their own. show us more of your 49ers spirit. send your pictures to or upload them to our website, chasing balls, fetching toys, anything to squeeze exercise into your pet's life. dr. valdez from san francisco senior dog rescue muttville shares her tips for exercising with your pets in the winter. first up, watch what your dog
7:49 am
wears. >> insanely cute as petra is in her little outfit right now, i don't think it would be appropriate workout wear. she is short coated, but dogs have a higher core temperature. once they start to exercise, their temperature can go up pretty quickly. so as much as i love it, i don't think i would recommend it for outdoor wear. >> the potential is there for them to overheat, especially if they are running pretty hard and they have a lot of excess layers. they do expel heat by panting and through their feet. so obviously as long as those areas are open, they should be pretty, pretty okay. but we definitely don't need to overdo the padding when they are running. >> if you're working out with a dog near a body of water, i would definitely recommend not letting them take a sip of any pond water, lake water, sea water, any of those things. the potential is definitely there for them to pick up parasites and in the case of sea water, it can really dehydrate them and give them pretty bad diarrhea. >> one of the things we
7:50 am
definitely see in the winter as veterinarians is weekend warrior syndrome, where people sort of save up the days during the week they are not going, then go all-out on the weekends. sometimes dogs aren't quite equipped for that, especially if they have been used to running every single day in the summer or in the spring and then they are a little more sedentary during the winter. but because of our beautiful weather, we get a nice day or so, not uncommon for people to really overdo it and add a lot of them on one or two days as opposed to spreading exercise out over the week. things we'll see are sore pads or in some cases torn pads or sore knees and hips. just basically the same things that you would have if you tried to get off the couch and run a marathon. >> i'm overwhelmed by the cuteness! here is an adoptable friend that you could follow those rules with. this is cutie. sherry franklin from muttville joins us live now. tell us about cutie.
7:51 am
>> this sweetest little girl we named cutie. >> she's a kisser, too! >> she is a kisser and also a lap warmer. she likes to walk, too. she's actually a good one to get out there and walk with. she's seven to eight years old. she's house trained. she's not a big barker either. so she's-- >> perfect pet! you say she's been with you for the longest time. >> yeah, i have no idea why she's been with us so long, but i thought we'll get her on tv and we'll find her a home. >> she's absolutely adorable. so she's a yorkie, but also looks like kind of a fox. >> maybe she's mixed with fox! i don't know! >> never know. so if people are interested in her? >> we have a supereasy adoption application online at we also have two adoption events this weekend, which you can find out details on our website. they are in san francisco, both adoption events. >> very good.
7:52 am
and will she be there? >> she's going to be there! >> so great. and you say she slept with you last night! >> she did. >> if you would like more information on muttville or if you would like to adopt cutie, check out our website and click on links and numbers. we'll be right back.
7:53 am
oakl . here's a look at this morning's top stories. a late night shootout left an officer in oakland injured. police say he was responding to a hit and run crash. this marks the second shooting of an officer in oakland in four days. the suspect in last night's shooting is under arrest and the officer's leg injury is not considered life threatening. a popular comedy club in fairfield is gone now, after a five-alarm fire last night. that fire tore through the original pepper belly comedy club. the roof collapsed. crews think the fire started inside the building, but they are still trying to determine the cause. well, he referenced everything from the bible to a children's classic. tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning, our political insiders on governor brown's state of the state address.
7:54 am
one question, the little engine that could, did it work in his address? >> no, that was a little bit beyond him. he has almost no credibility on being a child. >> plus, apple falls short of wall street expectations. what this may mean for the silicon valley giant. that is tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning starting at 7:30 a.m. if you are stepping out the door, last look at the weather forecast. jacket weather? >> yeah, i think so. it's a little bit cooler certainly this weekend than last weekend. we were in the 70s last weekend. today, only mid to low 50s for the most part. santa rosa, 57 degrees today. 54 in the city, 58 at oakland. in san jose, 57 degrees. slight chance of light showers moving through the bay area, wouldn't amount to much. tomorrow we begin to dry out and the week ahead also looks dry. let's check out more of our fan photos. we've been looking at them all morning long on cbs 5. some of the smallest members of the
7:55 am
49er faithful. 2-year-old skyler there, all dolled up for game day in her cheerleader outfit, adorable. her 1-year-old brother is also excited about the super bowl. and kenny sent in this photo of his granddaughter mckenna. she's one year old, in her michael crabtree jersey, celebrating the nfc championship. go niners! thank you for all of your fan photos and we've got more of them to show off. if you said to add yours to our pile, we've got all week. send them over to our e-mail address, or upload them to our website. as if watching full grown men pummel each other and fight for the super bowl ball on sunday wasn't enough, you can also watch adorable puppies do the same thing. animal planet's annual puppy bowl is coming to a tv or computer screen near you. here's a live look. they put this up. this is where the puppies are -- well, they are resting up for the big game in between there. really intense training session.
7:56 am
the action begins at noon at animal planet and remember, we have the actual football for you. people might be more interested in that than these sleeping puppies, but they are cute. we have your super bowl action on cbs 5 and we promise it will be more rivetting than that live shot we showed you. it's early. don't blame them for still being in bed. enjoy your saturday. join us tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. next newscast here on cbs 5 is at 5:30 tonight. have a good one.
7:57 am
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